Monday, April 4, 2016

C is For "Little Carlie" Louis Wilkowski

"Little Carlie." I've always called him that. I'm not sure why, it must have come down in the family somehow. He was my great-uncle.

From what I can tell, he was a typical little boy, doing typical little boy things on the day he died. He was only 8 years old.

The newspaper said he was taken ill while playing during afternoon recess and guessed he suffered a "burst blood vessel in his brain." Years later, his sister Della told her daughter he was playing crack the whip and slipped on the ice in the schoolyard. She carried him home and he died a short time later.

From The Watertown (WI) Gazette, Dec 26, 1902
At 11 o'clock Thursday night of last week, Carl, the eleven year old son of Louis Wilkowski and wife died at the family home, 202 N 5th street. Thursday afternoon he attended No 8 school and at the afternoon recess while playing he was taken ill. His ten year old sister started home with him, and while on the way he was taken with convulsions, and was carried into their home by his mother, and a physician summoned, but all to no purpose. It is supposed that while he was playing at school he burst a blood vessel in his brain which caused his death. Sunday afternoon his remains were interred in Oak Hill Cemetery. He was a bright and promising boy and his sudden death is a great shock to his parents, who in their sadness have the sincere sympathy of all our citizens. In their sorrow they have the consolation of knowing that he has gone to his heavenly home, and has been relieved of this world's trials and tribulations.
Carlie is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Watertown, WI in the Louis Wilkowski family plot along with his parents and sister. Rest in peace, Uncle Carlie.